Because every need is unique and every context is different, Akiem assists its clients in their international railway traction projects including investments, equipment adaptation, consulting, training, supplying spare parts, and more.

By combining its locomotives’ leases with a wide range of services « à la carte », Akiem is flexible enough to tackle any challenge.


1Freight operators
To ensure daily transport of freight operators, Akiem offers rental solutions with maintenance of electric and diesel locomotives.
2Companies of Railway Industry
For the needs of companies working on railway industry, Akiem’s solutions are adapted to their construction works. Akiem is able to provide a large volume of locomotives, the suited equipments to meet the construction requirements and the flexible maintenance needed (mobile teams).
Akiem’s solutions ensure the industrials the evacuation of the production or supply of plants by guaranteeing volumes and reliability.
4Passenger operators
For Passengers’ mobility, Akiem’s solutions take into account speed, regularity and all the safety required.