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About us

Welcome to the world of railway traction. A world on the move, a world where people are passionate about their work with metal, machines and technology. Our business is to build railway traction solutions. Our mission is to design solutions that align with your business needs and meet your performance, reliability and safety standards. Our team includes finance specialists, engineers, technicians, trainers and train operation experts as well as sales people. We are all focused on you, our customer, and how we can best help you.



We believe in the growth of the rail industry, so we work side by side with operating companies as well as industrial and institutional customers. Together, we design and deliver solutions that help to boost rail’s competitive edge over other forms of transport.


Akiem is a major player in the European rail market. We build rail traction solutions that meet all your financial and operational performance requirements. Our extensive, stable industrial and financial capacities enable us to finance and manage a large fleet of 600 locomotives in Europe. Our fleet offers you all the configurations and availability you need and guarantees your rolling stock is in perfect working condition always, everywhere, 100%.


Akiem’s staff of 90 employees from very diverse backgrounds and profiles is able to work in some 10 languages. Finance specialists, engineers, technicians, trainers and train operation experts as well as sales people, we are all focused on you, our customer, and how best we can help you. With its focus on operations in Europe, Akiem is growing rapidly thanks to new services, a strategy for acquisitions and managed external growth, and a diverse range of customers.


Akiem is held by Transport Logistique Partenaires and DWS.


Our organisation is focused on railway innovation and efficiency, with uncompromising dedication to quality and service as long-term growth drivers. Professional, engaged and close to our customers: these are the values our teams put into practice every day as they work to benefit our customers and respond to their rail traction challenges.


Agile and entrepreneurial,
partnering and assisting our customers whenever they need us.


The expertise to meet your challenges


The rail traction solutions that answer your current and future needs.



Teams and partners committed to ensuring your long-term performance.
Close to you

Resourceful in finding you solutions and in our relationships with our service providers

Respecting people and their environments lies at the heart of everything we do


These values are set out in a document that our staff take care to apply in their daily work, whether at our premises or in relations with our partners, customers or suppliers.

Code of quality


Service quality, safety, compliance and traceability are demanded by all economic players and are a fundamental industrial challenge for companies. To guarantee our customers receive the highest level of service, we apply Akiem Group’s Quality and Safety policy to all our leasing services.


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Our key focus is you, our customers.   We operate throughout Europe, and we want to be as close as possible to you and your business. By bringing our maintenance workshops close to your locomotives we want to reduce downtime and strengthen our close relations with you.   Our offices are located in Saint-Ouen (France), Düsseldorf (Germany), Warsaw (Poland) and Budapest (Hungary).

Our partners

We share the entrepreneurial spirit of our railway operator customers and partners, and we create close ties with them on a daily basis..
We speak their language. We understand their business: we are experts with backgrounds in manufacturing, railways, logistics and banking. We know how to identify the right service for every situation, how to meet the extremely varied demands of a market that no single supplier can satisfy. Our ever closer cooperation with manufacturers, maintenance specialists and equipment producers has enabled us to strengthen our network of approved subcontractors and maintenance workshops.


Every need is unique and every context is different, so Akiem assists its customers with every aspect of their international rail traction projects: acquisition, railway leasing, rolling stock adaptation, consultancy, training, spare parts supply, and more. As well as leasing our locomotives, we offer an extensive range of à la carte services to give us the flexibility to meet each different railway operator’s specific needs and challenges.

  • Freight and/or passenger operators: for these railway operators’ regular transport activity, Akiem offers electric or diesel locomotive leasing solutions with maintenance.
  • Rail works companies: for worksite needs, Akiem supplies locomotives that are suitable in terms of volume, equipment and agile maintenance service carried out on a works basis by mobile teams.
  • Manufacturers: with Akiem’s traction solutions, manufacturers dispatch their production or supply their factories with guarantees for volumes handled and for reliability.
  • Passenger transport companies: for passenger transport in Europe, Akiem solutions take into account the sector’s requirements for speed, regularity and safety.


To support its customers, Akiem calls on an approved network of over 1,000 partners comprising manufacturers, maintenance specialists and equipment producers that operate in Europe and worldwide. Over 25% of our suppliers work regularly with us.   Akiem’s subcontractor partnership strategy is based on stringent performance and safety requirements. Akiem ensures every contribution from its partners conforms with ISO 9001:2015 and ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) standards. Akiem is the first locomotive leasing company to receive ECM certification incorporating the requirements of Commission Regulation 445/2011.   Akiem’s locomotive fleet has been acquired from all the major manufacturers supplying the European market: Alstom, Bombardier, EMD, Vossloh and Siemens. Apart from manufacturers, Akiem’s specialist partners and subcontractors for locomotive maintenance and adaptations are present throughout Europe and assist Akiem customers close to their operations.   Our suppliers are many and varied, offering locomotive supply or manufacture, spare parts and maintenance services but also soft services such as consultancy, translation and engineering. Additionally, delivery and locomotive parking are part of their service portfolio – our partners offer a very wide range of products and services. As we place a great deal of importance on each supplier’s capacity to deliver their services to deadline, we implemented a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system to help continuously improve our services.


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