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Repair and maintenance

Every locomotive is delivered with all the operational equipment and technical documentation required, is up to date with maintenance, in good condition and ready for service. A joint inventory is systematically carried out to note the state of the locomotives on their delivery and return. Service providers who are manufacturers, maintenance specialists or equipment producers are key to our business. We prize relations with them, so we have strengthened our network of approved subcontractors, service providers and maintenance workshops.


Safety first

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. With our focus on innovation, we are continuously looking for improvements that combine quality with efficiency and safety.

Akiem is certified ISO 90001:2015: this certification is the guarantee that our working methods are based on embedding continuous improvement into our IT systems, ensuring we deliver all Akiem processes and equipment with the levels of quality and safety we are known for and always with a single goal: your satisfaction.

ECM: as early as in 2012, we incorporated the requirements of European regulations for the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) and applied them to managing our locomotive maintenance. The ECM functions are:

  • Management (Supervision and management of duties and responsibilities) – ECM 1
  • Development of maintenance plans (documentation and technical configuration) – ECM 2
  • Fleet management – ECM 3
  • Maintenance realisation – ECM 4

Akiem’s maintenance management system is certified as in compliance with this regulation’s requirements for function 1, Maintenance Management.

Delivered by Certifier, this certification recognises the quality and safety of all aspects of our maintenance supervision and coordination processes.


Certified ISO 9001:2015 in January 2018


European ECM-certified leasing company

Network of maintenance workshops and partners in Europe

Akiem has an extensive network of maintenance workshops throughout Europe, as well as mobile teams able to deliver off-site maintenance in the field.




Maintenance by mgw Service

Thanks to Akiem Group subsidiary mgw Service, Akiem has industrial and maintenance capacity.

mgw Service is a maintenance provider for electric and diesel locomotives that is independent of the manufacturers. It has its own maintenance workshop in Krefeld and a stock of over 63,000 spare parts. mgw Service also boasts an extensive partner network in Europe and can provide you with its services wherever you need them.


Visit mgw Service website

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