Together we are Akiem

Together we are Akiem


Together we are Akiem

For more than 12 years now,  we have been actively supporting the development of rail transport, providing our customers ever-better service, always closer to their operations across Europe.

Rail is taking on a major role! We  want to step up our support to tackle, together with rail players, the challenges of the rail transport sector. We are transforming, reorganising our activities around a single brand, Akiem, to gain in efficiency, responsiveness and quality of service in the provision of our rolling stock.

mgw Service becomes Akiem Technik. Everywhere in Europe, Akiem Technik offers a wide array of maintenance services and manages the Akiem’s entire supply chain of components and spare parts. Our goal with Akiem Technik is to deliver a local service that guarantees operators an unrivalled level of reliability, safety and availability. We are fully committed to responding to the needs of rail sector together with our customers and partners!


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