Akiem signs a contract with Newag S.A. for delivery of 30 Dragon-2 electric locomotives, with an option for another 50 locomotives

Signed on 16 November 2023, the contract includes a binding order from Akiem for 30 of the most recent Newag Dragon-2 six‑axle electric locomotives: 10 Dragon-2 multi‑system locomotives and 20 Dragon-2 DC locomotives fitted with last‑mile modules. The contract also features an option for up to 50 additional locomotives.


The 10 multi‑system Dragon-2 locomotives are approved for operation in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the 20 Dragon-2 DC locomotives for operation in Poland and for cross‑border station access in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, significantly strengthening Akiem’s offer in the central European market.

The contract also includes locomotive maintenance services for an eight‑year period starting from the date the 30 locomotives are delivered.

The Dragon-2 platform represents the latest generation of freight locomotives. They are designed to deliver sustainable transport with energy efficiency, meeting Technical Specifications for Interoperability requirements and able to pull freight trains of up to 4,200 tonnes. Last Mile power modules meet Stage V emission standards and are equipped with HVO‑ready engines.

We are very pleased that Akiem, a leading European locomotive lessor, has chosen our platform of six‑axle Dragon-2 electric freight locomotives, placing the largest locomotive order by value in the history of our company. We are delighted to welcome Akiem as one of our strategic customers. We believe that our reliable Dragon-2 locomotives will satisfy the commercial expectations of Akiem’s customers,

Zbigniew Konieczek Chairman, Management Board of Newag S.A.

Dragon-2 locomotives, maintained by Newag, will allow our central European customers to develop new rail freight services, with heavier trains running at higher speeds and delivering the highest standards of reliability and safety. And the 0.5 MW HVO‑compatible last‑mile modules will accelerate the transition from diesel towards greener electric traction when operating on partially electrified routes. We are thrilled to begin this partnership with Newag and are excited to offer new possibilities to our customers in central Europe

Fabien Rochefort CEO of Akiem
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