Locomotive Fleet Manager

When did you join Akiem?

I joined the company in early May 2020 and, if I’m honest, I knew nothing about the rail sector back then. I had no idea it was possible to rent a locomotive! It’s an industry I find genuinely fascinating.

What is your role and what does it consist of on a day-to-day basis?

My work involves overseeing and organizing preventive and corrective maintenance operations for the locomotive fleets assigned to me. I log the operations into a computerized maintenance management system, organize the technicians’ schedules, book appointments with our contractors, and prepare quotations, orders and invoices for various operations or the replacement of major locomotive components. Most importantly, I make sure that rolling stock is well-maintained and fully operational so that our customers can make optimal use of it.

What appeals to you most about your job?

In addition to scheduled operations that are part of a maintenance plan, breakdowns can happen at any time. When they do, our technicians respond very quickly to diagnose the problem, identify solutions and get the rolling stock back into service. My job is to organise all these operations.

What makes Akiem different?

Quick reactions, good organisational skills and an ability to prioritise are all vital!


Ma grande satisfaction dans ce travail ? Le service client. C’est un travail très valorisant avec un environnement de travail vraiment épanouissant.

Christophe Conrad Locomotive Fleet Manager, Akiem Technik