Akiem ECM certified

Akiem ECM certified


Akiem is the first leasing company ECM certified in Europe.

Akiem has been certified Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) by CERTIFER on the basis of European regulation EU/445/2011 for the maintenance management function of its locomotives. Akiem has thereby become the first European company to be certified for its locomotives.

This achievement is the result of a series of actions taken by Akiem over several months to make sure all of its maintenance management processes meet specific standards of quality and safety. The ECM certification is part of the company’s continuous improvement process, which has already met the requirements of standard ISO 9001 v2008 since 2012.

In addition to asset financing, Akiem has developed a maintenance offer that ensures the availability and reliability of the fleet. The aim of obtaining ECM certification, along with the implementation of a new organization, an efficient maintenance management system and a network of qualified subcontractors, is to guarantee a high level of performance both in terms of the reliability of the fleet and operational safety to clients and safety authorities

‘’The ECM certification shows the commitment and expertise of Akiem teams. Our positioning in the area of maintenance management is strategic: on a sustainable basis it will enable us to offer our clients integrated solutions that guarantee operational and economic performance. This voluntary certificate is the first on the European market and is proof of the expertise and professionalism that set Akiem apart from other leasing companies.“

Fabien ROCHEFORT, CEO of Akiem

About ECM certification

Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) certification for freight wagons, based on regulation 445/2011, has been mandatory since 2011. The extension of this regulation to other types of rolling stock, including locomotives, is expected to be put forward in 2016 and become mandatory by 2018. The ECM regulation for freight wagons has been used by Akiem and Certifer as a foundation on which Akiem’s maintenance system is structured. This proactive initiative enabled Akiem to become on 1 July 2014 the first ECM for locomotives to be certified by a third party in France.

ECM certification guarantees that each maintenance operation is safely mastered.

  • A) Management:  supervising and coordinating maintenance functions and guaranteeing that the condition of the locomotive poses no risk to the rail network. The ECM may assume the following functions, or subcontract them to a network of specifically qualified, or previously qualified service providers:
  • B) Development of maintenance: responsibility for managing maintenance documents, including configuration management, on the basis of design and operating data as well as performance results and feedback.
  • C) Fleet Management: management of the withdrawal of locomotive for maintenance and the locomotive back to operation after maintenance.
  • D) Execution of maintenance:undertaking of the technical maintenance operations required by rolling stock or parts of it.

The Entity in Charge of Maintenance certificate is recognized throughout the European Union.

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