From dry lease alone to the comprehensive coverage of full-service locomotive leasing with all maintenance included, Akiem creates, designs, delivers and maintains your rail traction solutions in Europe, using new or recent rolling stock. Akiem combines deep-seated technical knowledge with innovative financial expertise to offer you services that can be tailored to fit each and every project or transport plan and help you deliver higher levels of performance. We are able to meet your requirements at every key stage of the leasing period: specifing rolling stock, purchasing, financing and maintaining it.


Solution leasing locomotive full service
This turnkey solution combines reliability, flexibility and visibility for your budget management. Akiem takes care of everything. Learn more

Dry Lease

This offer is locomotive leasing alone, leaving you totally free to organise your own operational maintenance. Learn more


For your locomotive financing projects, take advantage of Akiem Group’s experience in financial engineering, expertise and innovation. Learn more