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Industrial and maintenance solutions


Akiem technik operates across Europe, providing the expertise, industrial and logistical capacities that underpin Akiem’s ECM-certified maintenance ecosystem. Akiem technik is the guarantor of Akiem’s excellence and quality.

Akiem technik’s purpose: ensure the very highest levels of rolling stock availability and reduce downtime so that you can continue to operate, everywhere, all the time, at 100% capacity in total confidence and complete safety.

Asset maintenance

While regular preventive maintenance provides the basis for the safe operation of your rolling stock, wear and tear over time will eventually require a major revision and overhaul.

We carry out these overhauls in accordance with manufacturers’ maintenance plans, for example after eight years or between 1 and 1.2 million kilometres travelled (revision R1), or after 16 years and between 2 and 2.4 million kilometres travelled (revision R2).

Rolling stock is fully dismantled during complete revisions, which last from two to six weeks depending on the type of operation (R1 or R2). Components such as braking systems, bogies and fans will be overhauled and parts are replaced as necessary. Once reassembled, your rolling stock is comprehensively tested to check that it will operate in perfect safety during the years to come.


Operational maintenance

With our industrial capacities and unique pan-European network, we have the capacity to perform maintenance operations for Akiem rolling stock as well as to provide services to customers that operate their own fleets. Our mission is to optimise the availability, performance and residual value of rolling stock.

We are ECM and ISO 90001 certified.

As well as the standard preventative and corrective maintenance procedures, a number of specific additional operations have to be carried out from time to time, notably to replace parts. We have all the know-how required to schedule, prepare and carry out these vital maintenance procedures.

Standard maintenance procedures include, for example:

  • preventative maintenance based on kilometres travelled or hours worked (inspection of safety and radio equipment, brake overhauls, etc.)
  • inspection of air pressure tanks
  • changing cab screens and side widows
  • delivery and handover inspections
  • ultrasonic testing of wheels and axle shafts
  • wheel reprofiling
  • locomotive cleaning
  • fault-finding and corrective maintenance as requested by the customer
  • software updates and data recording

Components and spare parts

We have an unmatched stock of spare parts and components sourced from train and equipment manufacturers (close to 92,000 parts, 7,800 items covering 16 series of locomotives). This ensures we can meet the needs of our Full Service customers and of operating companies that run their own rolling stock.

We offer exceptionally fast delivery times thanks to our rapid response supply chain: we send parts to anywhere in Europe in under 24 hours.



Leasing solutions

Leasing solutions

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Full Service

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