Leasing solutions

Leasing solutions

Dry lease or Full Service, single unit or entire fleet, we provide you with a custom service and maximum modularity to ensure you benefit from the solution that aligns most closely with your needs and fleet strategy. Together we will design a solution that will enable you to leverage additional performance benefits.


Dry lease

Dry lease is our lease-only solution that gives you access to a modern and varied rolling stock fleet. Depending on your specific operational configuration, you can either incorporate units into your organisation and carry out maintenance in-house, or entrust maintenance to a contractor.

Our dry-lease solution

  • Choice of rolling stock from our fleet or the acquisition, financed by us, of rolling stock specifically to meet your needs.
  • Provision of rolling stock, from configuration to final handback. Every unit of rolling stock is delivered with all the specific equipment and documentation needed to operate it. It is prepared, maintained and can be altered to suit your precise needs. At the end of the contract, our handback process includes examination of the units by both parties, who jointly complete a comprehensive report on its condition.
  • Heavy maintenance. We provide all general overhauls and heavy maintenance, with full and guaranteed cost control. In all cases, you are free to carry out operational maintenance in-house or use a contractor.

Full Service

With Full Service, Akiem delivers the best of its expertise for the benefit of its customers. Akiem-style Full Service is a one-stop-shop solution that provides and maintains locomotives, ensuring that rolling stock is always available, safe and reliable.

What are the benefits of this integrated offer?

  • First of all, a single named contact person will work with you at every stage of the contract: this is the service contract manager. Operational management is centralised and piloted by our operational fleet manager.
  • Then, all processes are clear and transparent, shared as part of a service contract.
  • Lastly, our service standards are ambitious and deliverable:
    • our fast-response operational interface is available 24/7
    • if an incident occurs, we will respond within 3 hours and we promise to offer a solution within 24 hours
    • our pan-European network of workshops and partners means we are able to offer help and assistance close to where you are based. This is key to efficiency and high performance: maintenance operations occur without unnecessary downtime

Safety is our priority: our entire organisation and all our contractors are fully certified. Safety is a non-negotiable, and a pre-requisite that ensures the availability and reliability of our operations.

Operating efficient rolling stock, backed by all-inclusive preventive and corrective maintenance services, with Akiem always on hand in the event of an incident or accident, our customers are free to concentrate fully on their core business: transporting freight and passengers.


We can do more together

We hope to work with you to build solutions for implementing a comprehensive fleet strategy that precisely matches your specific needs. We do this by leveraging the full range of expertise from across the Akiem group – technical, financial, legal, innovations, etc. – but also thanks to the dedication of everybody at Akiem to listen to our customers, in relationships rooted in dialogue.

We can help you with the following types of project:

  • turnkey fleet acquisition, or sale & leaseback
  • financing for dedicated asset management companies
  • total life cycle management for rolling stock
  • constructing solutions and industrial partnerships for your fleet maintenance needs


Industrial and maintenance solutions

Industrial and maintenance solutions

Our maintenance expertise leaves you free to concentrate on your business, with complete safety and in full confidence
Full Service

Full Service

Our one-stop-shop solution: assisting our customers with the best of Akiem’s expertise.