Materialmanagement / Maintenance Planning - Sweden

When did you join Akiem?

I’ve been responsible for managing rolling stock and scheduling maintenance in Sweden since November 2017.

What is your role and what does it consist of on a day-to-day basis?

My primary task centers on managing the spare parts and equipment used to maintain and repair locomotives. This involves ordering parts from suppliers as well as managing our in-house stock of components. I’m also in charge of rostering and daily timetabling for services provided by maintenance teams in Sweden. This dual responsibility means I’m involved in a wider range of tasks and regularly face new challenges!

What appeals to you most about your job?

The fact that there are always new challenges to deal with, always different parts that need replacing, means I never stop learning. This is what makes my job so fascinating. You are constantly expanding your knowledge of locomotives and their different systems. This is what I love, the sheer variety of the work. And the working environment is great! I know I can count on my colleagues – helping each other comes naturally at Akiem.


The constant variety of work, permanently acquiring new knowledge, plenty of challenges to meet as part of a close-knit team.

Jessica Käsinger Materialmanagement / Maintenance Planning - Sweden

Kierownik działu księgowości

"Rozwój działalności przyspieszył tempa, zespół został rozszerzony, a międzynarodowy wymiar naszych działań wzmocnił się nawet w naszym dziale."

Kierownik operacji utrzymania

"Kierownik operacji utrzymania jest odpowiedzialny za całość czynności związanych z utrzymaniem w danym zakładzie lub w danym regionie."

Locomotive Fleet Manager

"Quick reactions, good organisational skills and an ability to prioritise are all vital!"