Vianova, a large-scale locomotive procurement programme

Vianova is a major locomotive procurement programme involving a total of 91 locomotives (56 BR189, 24 BR182, 11 BR185), equivalent to over 10% of the current Akiem fleet. Since May 2022, it has required intensive cooperation between Locomotive leasing and Maintenance & Services teams in Paris, Krefeld, Kassel, Warsaw and Budapest. It’s hard to think of a more international project! Akiem is acquiring a significant number of BR189s (EuroSprinter, Siemens) as well as BR185s (Traxx, Alstom) and BR182s (EuroSprinter, Siemens), 13 to 18 years old on average. This purchase further diversifies our fleet and will underpin development of our business in northern, central and south-eastern Europe. The first locomotives, batch B, were delivered in June 2022, with batch A following in January 2023 and the remaining deliveries spread over the rest of the year. The current situation is that 42 locomotives have already been delivered to customers. Maintenance work on the BR189 units, carried out for the first time by our Maintenance & Services teams, presented a few technical and equipment challenges, mostly in the spare parts supply chain. Some delivery dates have slipped compared to the original timetable, but these early problems will soon be behind us. This is in large part thanks to a €1.7-million contract for spare parts signed at the end of June, covering major components, obsolete parts that are no longer manufactured and parts with the longest delivery lead times.