CTL Logistics Training Centre obtains exclusivity for TRAXX DC3 locomotive drivers training for Akiem customers.

On 8 June 2021, CTL Logistics and Akiem signed a framework agreement whereby the railway operator’s training centre will prepare locomotive drivers to operate the third generation TRAXX DC locomotives for Akiem’s customers in Poland.

The Training and Examination Centre for Locomotive Drivers and Locomotive Driver Candidates of CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o. enables the company to shape and control the entire professional training of locomotive drivers – starting from the moment of obtaining the licence, through theoretical and practical training (as part of the certification course), to on-the-job training on the rolling stock operated by the company. The centre has been operating since 2018, carrying out training activities both to serve the company’s own needs and those of other railway market operators.

Under the agreement signed with Akiem, the CTL Logistics Training and Examining Centre will obtain exclusive rights to train locomotive drivers on TRAXX DC3 locomotives manufactured by Alstom Transport for Akiem customers in Poland. DC3 locomotives belong to the latest generation of locomotives and have not yet been operated in Poland. Akiem is the first company in Poland to make TRAXX DC3 locomotives available for lease to passenger and freight rail operators. Part of the fleet will be equipped with the Last Mile diesel module. The rest will be delivered in a pure electric version.

DC3 locomotives are the latest generation of locomotives, characterised by high traction capabilities, high availability rates, extended maintenance intervals and exceptional comfort for locomotive drivers.

For us, cooperation with a recognised European partner such as Akiem in the field of expanding the scope of locomotive driver certificates is confirmation of the highest training standards and highest level of professional qualifications of our employees, trainers and trainees alike. We are happy to see our locomotive driver instructors gain new knowledge as part of the specialist Bombardier Transportation programme and get access to vehicles that represent Europe’s top-drawer rolling stock. We are positive that our next contract with Akiem will be for TRAXX locomotives.

Grzegorz Bogacki President of CTL Logistics Management Board

The Centre brings together a team of a dozen or so first-class specialists in the fields of rolling stock safety, operation, and maintenance. Under the agreement with Akiem, some of the team members have just started their training in Kassel alongside Bombardier Transportation experts who will acquaint them with all the secrets of these modern locomotives, to be later shared with locomotive drivers of the Polish railway operators that choose to operate them. The certification of train driving licences to include the new TRAXX DC3 rolling stock can be extended at the Training and Examination Centre for Locomotive Drivers and Locomotive Driver Candidates of CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o. until 31 December 2023.

Waldemar Czarnecki Headmaster of the Training and Examination Centre for Locomotive Drivers and Locomotive Driver Candidates

By pioneering the launch of Alstom Transport’s latest TRAXX DC3 locomotives on the Polish market, we have confirmed Akiem’s indisputable commitment to its development, which we have been consistently part of for the past eight years. For Akiem, this is a milestone in our company’s operations on the Polish railway market, which is why we are all the more pleased to partner on this important project with CTL Logistics, which has been Akiem’s key customer both in Poland and Germany for over 10 years. We appreciate the high level of professionalism, flexibility, and unquestionable experience of the CTL Training and Examination Centre for Locomotive Drivers and Locomotive Driver Candidates. We are confident that Akiem customers will receive training for TRAXX DC3 locomotive drivers at the highest professional level

Anna Puchałowicz Head of Sales Central Europe at Akiem
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