Operation Manager Poland

When did you join Akiem?

I joined Akiem Technik in November 2013.

What is your role and what does it consist of on a day-to-day basis?

As Operations Manager Poland, I manage our technical teams in Poland and Slovakia. Together we are responsible for keeping a fleet of electric locomotives in good operational order.
The majority of my work consists of creating month-by-month schedules for the people who will be delivering specific maintenance operations, as well as setting time aside for any corrective interventions. I oversee the timetabling of maintenance operations, working directly with customers and workshops in three countries. Sometimes I also get personally involved in maintenance work.

It’s a very active role! I travel regularly to all three countries so that I can visit the teams and be present during maintenance operations.

What appeals to you most about your job?

There’s no routine! Each day brings new challenges. And I also work closely with the international team, in a really positive atmosphere. It’s very stimulating.

Absence of routine, flexibility and responsibility, an international team and a great workplace atmosphere, it’s a job I find incredibly fulfilling.

Mateusz Krzykowski Operation Manager Poland

Locomotive Type’s Engineer

"I provide the technical and financial lead for my fleet of locomotives – it’s an extremely varied working life."

Technical Key Account Manager Poland-France

"I work very closely with our Sales Key Account Managers, engineers and all the other departments at Akiem."