Rolling stock fleet manager

A rolling stock fleet manager is responsible for all operational aspects relating to the management of our rolling stock: orders, traceability, stop-work orders and restrictions, derogations, etc. This task is vital to the delivery of Akiem’s quality standards, ensuring that all our equipment provides the best possible availability and reliability.

Collecting and recording information from contractors (statement of work, reports, etc.), updating intervention schedules, compiling task lists, entering data in the maintenance management tool, operational management and verification of parameters (customer data, vehicle engine data, etc.) — all carried out in full autonomy!

This is a post that demands excellent people skills and a keen sense of customer service. Working very closely with our contractors, rail operators and customers, the rolling stock fleet manager has to balance the needs and expectations of all involved, ensuring customer approval at every stage of the contract process.

What qualities are needed for this job?

  • Excellent working knowledge of French and German, as we conduct our business in a multi-lingual environment.
  • You must be rigorous, methodical and organised, able to simultaneously manage all current tasks and be certain that nothing is overlooked.
  • Able to prioritise. Everything we do is a priority, so it is essential you can organise your work by order of importance.
  • Proven people skills and a flair for customer service: you will be in regular contact with our customers and partners.


Locomotive Type’s Engineer

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Project engineer

"I have a very wide range of missions, with real responsibility and considerable autonomy. That’s what I love about working for Akiem."

Technical Key Account Manager Poland-France

"I work very closely with our Sales Key Account Managers, engineers and all the other departments at Akiem."